4K Video Sony FS7II Monterey


Passionate and dedicated to Video Production, this is where Mag One shines the brightest.



It’s your vision, we execute it. This is where we communicate and collaborate on the details of your content. What do you want to communicate to your audience? How can we approach your message through video?


Bringing your vision to life is our number one passion. Combining the perfect team and technology to create a polished look that’ll reflect your business accurately is our goal in our approach to production.


From Editing to Motion Graphics, Voice Production to Color Correction, we add the final details in the editing room to create the perfect cut. We’ll tune and refine till your content is ready for delivery.


Once the project is fine-tuned to perfection, what’s the best way to reach your intended audience? Whether that may be Live-Streaming, TV Broadcast, DVD or Youtube, we can help you reach the right crowd.

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