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Today’s social media culture allows everyone to believe it can be done just by a click of a button, but there’s more than meets the eye. Digital Marketing is a strategic art. Without the proper know-hows, you will not be able to unlock the full potential of Digital Marketing. Being digital has given the perception of being more obtainable. It might not always be true. Which is why you need a reliable, qualified, experienced, and professional digital marketing firm. Good thing you found us.

We take our time to listen and understand your vision in order to bring your project to life.


WHY MAG ONE MEDIA? Our approach is to listen and to get to know your company’s overall objective, mission, history and goals to produce an out-of-this-world visual creation, showcasing your brand and your core competitive advances over the competition. It is the details that help us understand the kind of business you want to be, and we produce the media engine to get you there. Our approach is unique with in-house video production services as our primary tool. We make sure every project is a collaborative effort with you in the driver’s seat, and it’s our skills, knowledge and expertise that guides you along the way. From inception to delivery, we want to work with you, mold a strategic marketing plan with your ideas and make them a reality.

BTS of TV Commercial for Palma School Produced by Mag One

Owner Alex Garcia took his sole proprietor business and grew it into a full-service marketing company.

Alex, a creative digital artist, has been dedicated to mastering digital advertising to create content for businesses small and large. As the vision behind Mag One Media, his experience, talents and abilities to connect with clients has allowed Mag One Media to flourish over the years.

Attention to Detail

The little things make a huge difference. The right focus, the correct aperture setting, and the perfect splice can take your product from basic to the ultimate professional level. We pride ourselves on making sure the finest details are taken care of so you can focus on the big picture.

Hometown Service

We take pride in being from the heart of the Central Coast of California. From Salinas to Monterey, Santa Cruz down to King City and everywhere in between, we work hard for our neighbors to make sure our community continues to thrive within itself.


You put heart and soul into your business and our primary goal is helping you go farther than you thought possible. Our vow to remain professional in all areas of our collaboration comes from our hope to watch your business succeed.

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